Building a Crypto Community is the Key to Success.

For each business, Community Manager acts as a bridge between the brand and the community it wants to create (i.e. a loyal audience or core group of consumers connected by a similar interest).

The Community Manager is the brand ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building relationships with existing customers. They also focus on measuring sentiment around the brand, using Social Listening tools to track feedback and engagement.

Our Community Manager Services Overview:

C-Spaceship offers specialized community managers to assist you in managing your users and converting them into involved project owners. We make certain that every member of your community is respected and treated with respect. We will provide 24/7 help for resolving community questions, deleting spam, and other services.


Management Package:



> Community and Social Media growth:

We’ll combine paid and organic efforts to efficiently expand and strengthen your crypto project’s base and network.

> Administration of Community and Social Media:

C-Spaceship delegated managers actively watch your cryptocurrency community. We will provide 24/7 help for questions, spam removal, and other services.

> Community & Social Media Engagement:

With the help of our community managers, you can create healthy and responsive social media channels such as Twitter and Telegram. Our major goal is continuous assistance and communication.

> Discord Community Management:

Our professional crypto community manager, who is well-versed in Discord, can assist you in keeping the server running properly. Your community will be more connected and engaged if you respond quickly and organize AMAs.

> Content Strategy and Development

TokenMinds creates a thorough monthly plan that can be distributed on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

> Weekly Reports

Weekly milestone guarantee for organic and sustained Crypto Community Group growth.